Call For Readers

Join Our Team

Dear Line Literary Review Readers,

We hope you’ve had a magnificent Spring and that this message finds you reading, writing, and vaccinated. 

We’re reaching out in the hopes that you might join our team as a Reader!

Like all of our staff positions, this is a volunteer role. Though we can’t offer pay, we can offer the chance to be at the heart of what we do, and to work with a flexible, spirited team of Columbia students. You do not have to be affiliated with the university to join us. In fact, we welcome applicants from outside of our bubble. 

Apply here.

If you have submitted work to us, thank you. We are grateful to you for considering us as a potential outlet for your creative work. Right now, we’re not accepting new pieces for consideration. That said, we hope that with our new Readers we will be able to re-open submissions soon.

In the last few months, we were lucky enough to publish more excellent veteran writing. Make sure to read this flash fiction by Ulf Pike and these poems by Liam Corley.

One fantastic line of Corley’s reads: “There’s got to be a better fucking way.” 

We’re sure you can relate to the sentiment.


The Line